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Accredited Gray Area Drinking Coach

Hi, I'm Claire

I work with professional women (fifty plus), who are brilliant, capable and intelligent; the only problem is you've been relying on alcohol for support, and you're now ready to explore that relationship, along with a world where perhaps alcohol doesn't feature - but you do!

I would love to hear from you.

"I started off thinking there was no chance whatsoever that I could give up drinking"

JR, Yorkshire UK

The highest value (working with Claire) was in having someone checking up on me. I suppose an accountability partner.

With drinking, you can’t get that from anyone else in your network, because either they’d be ‘drinking buddies’ (at least at some level) or people to whom you might not want to reveal this kind of stuff.

But having someone who’s bothered, who cares, is critical to get you through those thought-bomb moments when part of you is thinking, “If I have just one, it won’t matter, nobody will notice, nobody will care.

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