First Line Manager Training - Claire Godwin

Front line managers have the greatest influence on staff performance and engagement to their organisation. CIPD

Organisations whose employees are engaged perform better than companies whose employees  are

not  engaged by over 200%. Gallup

First-in-Line is a coaching and support program, spread out over a 9 month period, designed for those new to the role of first line management and team leadership and those without previous training in managing people at work.

Basically targeted at those who manage others who don't manage others!

At the heart of this programme is for managers to grow week by week in confidence and skills to create an environment where their teams and individuals feel safe and supported to try out new ideas, new ways of working - be more experimental and innovative - yes more entrepreneurial.

By the end of the programme your staff will feel empowered. They’ll be more resourceful and feel able to embrace the challenges of a new financial environment. And, perhaps most importantly, they’ll feel motivated to do so and believe in what they’re doing, rather than relying on their managers to tell them what to do.

Main Features 

“First-line managers are responsible for providing a clear link between business strategy and goals, as well as the role of the individual. They are crucial in making the difference between low-performing and high-performing organisations.”  CIPD

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Starts with 2 days intensive, followed by 1 day every 4-6 weeks.

This allows learning to be taken back to the workplace, put into action, improving confidence and overall performance.

Participants will be required to complete a work based project during the programme. A great return on investment for your team and organisation.

Learning Partners - each participant will have a 'learning partner' to hold accountable and keep up motivation and momentum in between meetings.

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After the initial 2 days; each of following 6 days will contain a mix of management tools  and  'Action Learning'. In Action Learning Sets each member gets the opportunity to work on real workplace problems.

A heart? Yes!

An integral part of this programme is to uncover and develop each member's authentic and emotionally intelligent leadership style. Willingness and ability to be genuine and vulnerable is essential for effective leadership.

Examples of Content and Topics

With over 20 years of HR and coaching and mentoring line managers and leaders I am able to bring substantial knowledge and skills to the participants.

  • TotalSDI Assessments + Full Facilitation Feedback
  • Outcome Setting
  • Challenging Conversations
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Time Management and Prioritising
  • The "9 C's" of Successful Team Motivation and Leadership
  • Team Behaviours
  • Assertiveness and Boundaries
  • Communication Styles
  • Situational Leadership
  • Coaching Skills
  • Listening and Questioning skills
  • square
    Action Learning Sets (at every monthly meeting)
  • Presentations and Reports to Influence Outcomes
  • Team Development Needs Assessments
  • Managing Team Through Change
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Leadership Presence
Team agreeing on their new strengths

A community team having fun identifying and agreeing what new strengths and behaviours they needed to prioritise to achieve new and different outcomes.

Format of First-In-Line

SDI Team Report


Individual Personal Strengths (sample)

  • First In Line kicks off with 2 days: Feedback on TotalSDI Assessments:- core drivers, current personal strengths and where these may be 'overdone' and identification of desired and required new strengths to develop. 
  • During the initial first 2 days participants will also present to the group their work place project and chose a learning buddy - who they will be 'checking in with' on a weekly basis to ensure their motivation, accountability and momentum is maintained between the monthly meetings.
  • Followed up by one day every 6 weeks. During which there will be training on a management topic or tool with an afternoon of Action Learning to send everyone back to their work ready to try something new or adapt something.
  • Each session, participants will also update the group with the progress on their chosen workplace project (see below 'pre-course work')

Pre-Course Work

  • Each participant will have a one-to-one call with Claire Godwin to discuss their individual development needs
  • TotalSDI Assessments will be completed prior to the start date
  • Each participant will have a pre-course phone or video call with Claire Godwin to discuss their chosen project* 

* Participants are encouraged to discuss and agree a work based project to work on during the programme - this will also serve to maximise the benefits to the individual, team and organisation.

Taking Bookings Now - Starting April 2018

Places limited to 8

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I like to keep the groups small to give maximum value and time to each participant - 1-1 coaching and mentoring.

Two initial days to kick start 26th and 27th April 2018

Followed by 6 days:

23rd May

27th June

25th July

5th September

10th October

14th November

Location: Hampshire

Cost for 2018:  

This programme combines the best bits from 2 programmes, as such it's not a pilot but it is new! For that reason I am offering this programme at the following rates:

Charities: £995

Public Sector: £1200

Great team development day with Claire Godwin and the Communications and Communities teams from East HampshireDistrict Council and Havant Borough Council.

Understanding our personal strengths to apply to the business -  who would have thought business planning could be such fun!!

Fantastic to be working with an organisation that invests in its staff.

Jacqui Evans​​​

Community Manager

When we're investing money from an organisation, you're investing money in staff development, you are also doing it to develop the business. What's the point of doing one without the other?

Although everybody has gone through this programme, it's individual, every bit of it is tailored to the individual.

Even when you talk about the business, it's their contribution to developing the business.

Claire Hughes

Head of Strategic Commissioning

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