Helping Your Team Make the Leap

Teams can be places where people stay in the background, out of sight, never drawing attention to themselves, just doing whatever is required but no more.

​Or they can be places where everybody works together, the sum is greater than its parts, and every member of the team thrives and reaches their full potential.

​Believe it or not, you can transform the first type of team into the second type with a bit of help!

"We need staff to step up to the plate and take responsibility"

You need to develop your team to:

"There’s so much potential going to waste and that’s not good for the individuals, the team or the organisation"

Why The Leap Programme?

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​Claire (Godwin) got me to focus on "what a 10 would look and be like for my teams" and "where do you need to get to?", "What would 10 look like for you ... 12 months down the line ... 2 years down the line? How do you get there?"

By taking me to the end my '10 and then bringing me back and then planning that journey, has meant that we have a programme that delivers what I need.

It delivers to the individuals but also delivers to the business and the community.

Claire Hughes
Head of Communications and Community Engagement

Great team development day yesterday working with Claire Godwin and the Communications and Communities teams from East Hants District Councl and Havant Borough Council.

Understanding our personal strengths to apply to the business -  who would have thought business planning could be such fun!! Fantastic to be working with an organisation that invests in its staff​.

Looking at team drivers and current behaviours.

Another team looking at what motivates each member of their team.

Fun with learning!

Team deciding which core strengths needed to have a higher priority.

New team core strengths. More innovative, entrepreneurial and commercial 

Jacqui Evans
Community Manager

Thank you for yesterday, really enjoyable, informative, enlightening – I could go on!

Natalie Meagher
Head of Neighbourhood Support

If you’re ready to help your team take The Leap please get in touch for a no obligation chat, and feel free to ask me any questions about the programme.

Claire's style is very relaxed and honest which gives me the confidence to challenge myself, to look at strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner.

The benefits to me in my job will be giving me the tools to manage my time workload and colleagues more effectively. 

Supporting Troubled Families Manager

The training enabled me to identify the strengths I needed to be more productive and the confidence to utilise these strengths for bigger gains. It has helped me realise my potential by utilising strengths that I wouldn’t have usually identified with.

Neighbourhood Quality Manager

​Thank you so much for showing me how to find my way to the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't have done it without you!

Performance Management Officer

Claire's style as a coach and mentor is fantastic! Claire takes time to explain the theory using relevant and easy to grasp examples. While being very supportive Claire raises thought provoking questions that really hone in and examine how you see yourself and how you function.

The benefits to me in my job are that I have a more confidence day to day as I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and a greater awareness of the fact that others have different motivation points to me.

Neighbourhood Quality Office Supervisor

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