The TotalSDI®  Difference


Imagine for a moment, how much stronger your relationships would be if you really understood what made people tick— both when things are going well and when there was conflict and opposition.

The Total SDI® provides a window into what drives you and what drives others—an understanding that empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves the results you desire.

For me as a  coach, using  the TotalSDI ® with my clients unlocks and simplifies the mysteries of personal motivations.

In our sessions we go beyond the surface and effectively help you to understand who you are, how others see you, and ultimately, how you lead and work with others. With an understanding that goes to the "why" of your relationships you can contribute more effectively to your teams and rapidly accelerate improved performance.

With the TotalSDI you get valid and reliable assessment tools that help you discover and influence the motives that drive behaviours - the WHY behind behaviours. These tools provide valuable insights and a proven learning method that people can actually use to develop better leaders, build more effective teams, and reduce the growing costs of conflict.

When you book the TotalSDI for yourself, a team member or your whole team, the suite of assessments includes:

Strength Deployment Inventory

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) digs into what is really important — people, performance and process — and how these priorities shape any given situation. The SDI highlights how people express the priorities in two conditions: when things are going well and when there is conflict or opposition. But the SDI also goes further than the individual. It provides a Team SDI Triangle report, your results and the results of your teammates, so you can see where motives align, correspond and even conflict. This visual makes it easier for people to interpret and discuss the results, leading to greater understanding and stronger collaboration. As you work through a team’s individual and group results, you will help them learn how to better relate to others, prevent unproductive conflict and improve their own performance.

Strengths Portrait

The next step is identifying people’s preferred behavioural strategies. The Strengths Portrait describes the strengths (behaviours) people most often use to reach their goals. The Portrait links to SDI results and motives, providing the most compelling learning and development opportunities. By combining SDI and Strengths Portrait results, you will help others gain an instant understanding of how they decide what is important and what is not. Learners in your session will see why others may have different priorities and learn to flex their communication styles and combine priorities when inevitable conflicts occur and maintain positive dialogue throughout.

Overdone Strengths Portrait

Overdone Strengths Portrait The Overdone Strengths Portrait helps you identify how people’s individual strengths — when overdone or misapplied — might disrupt productivity and trigger conflict in the workplace. The portrait gives you a tool to help people recognize and adjust these behaviours in order to collaborate more effectively and avoid the costs associated with overdoing or misapplying your strengths.

TotalSDI® is for people to use - not simply about people.

Video feedback from Twitter on using TotalSDI® :

  • It breaks away from the norm  The people you work with in organisations aren’t pigeonholed in a particular box. Instead, they will see their results represented as an arrow that indicates how frequently they are motivated by a concern for people (blue), performance (red), and process (green).
  • It covers two conditions The SDI shows the degree and the nature of changes when things are going well and when there is a conflict.
  • It's all about interactions When teams use the SDI, it creates a picture of personalities that makes it easier for everyone to understand the results, talk about them, and learn from them.

Leadership Development with TotalSDI®:

- 6 sessions, including TotalSDI® (SDI, Personal Strengths, Overdone Strengths)

- TotalSDI on it's own includes the complete set of assessments plus half day face to face feedback and a follow up call: £900

​- Team Day - contact me for more info and prices

  • Download and view a sample report here
  • TotalSDI brochure here

Please contact me to arrange a complementary and informal call to discuss your requirements.

I recently attended an SDI workshop with Claire. I really learned a lot about myself and it's taught me to think about my relationships with others and why they might be reacting in certain ways; especially valuable in my business life.Claire is able to be fun and funny, as well as having a totally professional and approachable teaching style. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Claire as her enthusiasm for, and knowledge in, her subjects really shines through.

Cath Walter
Business Owner at DiamondVA

I attended an SDI workshop run by Claire earlier in the year and it was great! Claire delivers in such a fun, friendly and knowledgeable way that you learn so much! I have found that I have referred to what we learned so many times since and actually am still integrating new information as situations occur. It was fascinating to learn where I sat naturally on the grid and then which part of my being that I activate when under conflict.

It explained so much to me with regards to how I feel and what happens as a result of the conflict. The information has significantly helped me to become more aware and make better decisions when faced with difficult situations. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Claire.

Lesley Holyoake

Claire has worked with a number of my team members using the SDI tool and this has provided excellent results in terms of the individuals performance, as well as the teams productivity and cohesion. I thoroughly recommend the work Claire does using this technique.

Claire Hughes
Head of Communications and Community

Working with the SDI is like someone switching on a light that suddenly explains all the mire you have been wading through for years, tells you why you are wading in the way that you are, points you towards the exit, smiles, and says ‘hey, don’t worry, you’re OK and you’re doing fine’.

Claire's style as a coach and mentor is just like having a new friend that is the tiniest bit of a bully  that won’t put up with any BS and you actually look forward to meeting. A natural, coach; I look at my grown up children now and how they do things like me and think, ‘they so need to speak to Claire…’.​

Enforcement Officer

Working with the SDI is very challenging but gives valuable insight into how I operate as an individual and how I understand and interact with others.

​The SDI gave me a greater awareness of what motivates me which I had never really stopped and thought about before.

Claire's style as a coach and mentor is fantastic! Claire takes time to explain the theory using relevant and easy to grasp examples. While being very supportive Claire raises thought provoking questions that really hone in and examine how you see yourself and how you function.

The benefits to me in my job are that I have a more confidence day to day as I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and a greater awareness of the fact that others have different motivation points to me.

Neighbourhood Quality Office Supervisor

THE SDI gives me the confidence to apply different approaches to my work life and also home life.

Claire's style as a coach and mentor is very relaxed and honest which gives me the confidence to challenge myself in sessions to look at strengths and weakness in a constructive manner.

The benefits to me in my job will be giving me the tools to manage my time, workload and colleagues more effectively.

Supporting Troubled Families Manager

The SDI training combined with coaching enabled me to identify the strengths I needed to be more productive and the confidence to utilise these strengths for bigger gains.  It has helped me realise my potential by utilising strengths that I wouldn’t have usually identified with.

Neighbourhood Quality Manager

The SDI process solved some mysteries for me.

It  helped me to understand what makes individuals in my team tick and makes managing them a lot easier! In addition, they (my team) now understand my work style too.

Community Team Leader

The SDI gave me so many insights into my behaviour, in my work and in my family.

So many answers to so many questions have popped up since yesterday, and it's really changing the way I am thinking about things - especially business 🙂 

Speaker, Coach, Tutor

I attended a beginners SDI workshop recently and was delighted I did.

I learnt a lot about myself and others close to me, and have since been using these revelations on how to better understand them and, therefore, create a much better working and living environment. Everyone, whether for work or relationships, should check this out with Claire who was a skilled and wonderful trainer.

Erica Dent
Business Owner at Enjoy Discovering Wine

Claire demonstrates through the use of the SDI tool that with knowledge comes more understanding and with understanding great partnerships can be forged. Increasing confidence and performance of people new in managment. I sampled the SDI simply to understand what Claire did I could not have imagined the difference this knowledge has made to my own performance and the growth of my business it has enabled me to bring the right kind of people around me to secure the future of my business by complimenting weaknesses with their strengths. thank you Claire for a great job done

So many answers to so many questions have popped up since yesterday, and it's really changing the way I am thinking about things - especially business 🙂 

S Andrews
Business Owner

​Thank you so much for showing me how to find my way to the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't have done it without you!

Performance Management Officer

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